The other day I had to explain to Rob why I heard Jerry Seinfeld being strangled in my head when he, Rob, over-pumped the gas.

Does anyone remember the old commercial with Jerry Seinfeld? He would watch someone pumping gas juuuusssst beyond the dollar mark, and say, ‘Ah, the classic over-squeeze!” It got so that every time I went over when pumping gas, I had that playing in my head. It drove me nuts! I had a head gremlin constantly chanting that in my head – worse than an Earworm!

Finally, it dawned on me how to deal with it, and the next time it happened, I envisioned choking Jerry Seinfeld (a la Bugs Bunny) as he said the words. It worked. I would start to hear the words, and then hear a lovely gargling sound. After a few times of envisioning this, all I got was a slight gurgle.

Sadly, to this day, I still get the gurgle sometimes, and when Rob pumped the gas Saturday, the old gremlin raised his ugly head. My giggling at the gurgle had to be explained then to Rob. I am still not sure if he thinks I am crazy or not.

Please note that I would not actually strangle anyone in real life, but the head gremlin had to go!