Here is the second poem that I have written for my poetry class.

The Mound – 1/24/13

Through the leafless trees,

Moonlight glimmers.

I walk through the snow

Alone with the dogs.


The wind, cold and harsh,

Bites my bare cheeks,

Numbs my ears, and

Tugs at my gloves.


Beyond the dog pen,

Just past the forest,

The flags in the cemetery

Whip in the wind.


And on the small hill,

Beyond the trees, but

Not quite in the Yard,

Something ancient stirs.


I can hear it move

As it whispers along

The leaf-covered ground,

Just beyond sight.


The wind moans and wails,

The tree-tops dance,

And the dogs and I

Remove within.


Behind on the path,

In the dark, windy,

And frigid winter night,

The leaves crackle.


The earth trembles;

The shadows deepen.


I close the old door,

And the mystery,

Outside in the dark,