It’s pretty chilly here this morning, and I am still trying to wake up. Another cup of coffee might just be the thing, but the motivating force is weak.

Coffee retrieved. My thoughts are rather mixed this morning, but not badly, so it seems that all things will find their place. However, I STILL have a paper due tomorrow that I haven’t started, I have a play to skim-read today that I have no intention of buying, and I am cold cold cold.

The backyard is partially done, and I am looking at it with great distaste as I realize how many things have been disturbed by this commotion. I am sure that the wildlife will come back eventually, but for now it is in a sad state. The fact that Tim feels the need to level the whole backyard has some merit, but also an awful lot of dirt to be trucked in. I suppose it will be worth it in the end, but I feel that we, the tenants, will have to pay the price. I suspect that we will end up moving by next summer.

So, life progresses. Mom is putting me on the deed to the house, something insane but needed. Hopefully, this won’t all backfire on us in some awful way. And I am going to have to take chances. Writing is my life, but lately I can’t seem to write for shit. Instead, I will write for me, and see what needs to be done. I know I can write. I just need to prove that to Liz and the others. And honestly, screw Liz if she doesn’t like my writing. I wrote the paper this summer to please her. I am going to re-write it to please ME.