Ok, well apparently it is not a concussion, but my tutoring student’s mother texted me this morning to tell me that my student, who I will refer to as “Wheels” since he likes biking and skateboarding, had had to go to the emergency room last night to have three staples in his head, but that he should be back to school tomorrow. I immediately called her, and found out that instead of having a spectacular accident on his bike or skateboard, he had tripped and fallen, smacking his head into the corner of a nightstand. No concussion, but as he was going to the doctor today anyway (Hence missing the first part of our day) he was now going to miss the whole morning and probably have a CAT scan to boot. OW. Since he is prone to migraines, I put forth the point to mom that he would probably get one, and she agreed that talking to the doctor for some preventative medicine might not be a bad idea. Again, OW.

So this kinda frees up my morning, and will let me tackle the dreaded laundry monster, and look at my plans for the day. Yeah. Also, I am going to spend a little time writing about California in another post, but I had to clear the following out of my head first.

We are entering week three of the backyard debacle known as the septic and leach field replacement. The giant rock that was in the way is still in the way and will necessitate the destruction of the entire back yard and dog pen area in the search for a suitable area to place a field of crap-filtering devices. I am thrilled beyond measure. We still have to finish taking down the pen, which we can’t do til tonight, and it is a race to see if the pen will get destroyed or taken down first. No one has been home for days and my husband is not fond of trotting through the doggy bombs trying to deal with the situation in the first place. He is a crab-o-saurus.

And our landlord is grumping about having to pump the tank again. You know what? I need clean laundry and have to bathe. My downstairs neighbor needs clean laundry and has to bathe. While you have had to deal with the financial situation of this mess, which I understand is expensive, I have had to deal with dirty laundry, dirty dishes, and the need to be clean. AND the smell. Don’t get me started on that.

ANYWAY. I am going to go now, and talk about Cally in another post.