I think I teleported. One day, I was typing on the 9th, then I was suddenly on the 16th. Oh well.

So what happened? I got my plane ticket for Cally. I made a room reservation through AirB&B (Staying with Millie at Serenity in Ojai, just in case you need to find me), rented a car, and got a bus ticket. I am not going to drive in LA. Riding the bus to Santa Barbara means that I can rubberneck the whole way without trying to cross 80 gazillion lanes of traffic (seriously, I have seen the photos – 80 gazillion…or at least 10), and actually seeing LA, Ventura, et al,and not driving in a cold, panicked sweat, clutching the wheel in abject terror. Gone are the days of ‘bring it on.’ I want to get to the symposium in one piece.

Going to Cally in two weeks. Wow. I also have two syllabi to write (three, actually, but one is a repeat), meetings and other work related drivel. Plus the Cape on Sunday.

In other news, I really don’t see what the real appeal is in shaving the nether regions. It causes itching. A lot of itching. And while it is sexy to have your S.O. shave the bits you can’t reach (or see – not into self-mutilation, ya’ll), the itch the next day is like a small army of bugs all biting at the same time. Whichever man thought this up – since only a man would inflict shaving the nether regions (leading me to believe that there is something to be said for all men liking their women to look like adolescent females),  needs to be shaved and dumped in a vat of ants for a few minutes. Red hot fire ants. With machetes. And itching powder.

My house did take on a moment of quiet tonight when only two members of the Sagefire crew traipsed through my door and visited. Tekachu came by about 5:00 and stayed for about an hour before going to play Magic the Gathering at the local game shop, and then The Blonder descended for a few, watched the end of Across the Universe with Rosie and me, teased Rob for about three minutes, and departed for home. No Jeff Li tonight, and no Beschen, whose car has decided that, in a Feng Shui organization sort of way, its transmission did not cause positive chi flow. Silly Engine. Transmissions are for kids!

I am really going to have to figure out names for everyone.

So far we have : Beschen, The Blonder, The Bear, Tekachu, Jeff Li, Kitty, The Fedora, and Grace. I still need names for The Dog and The Grebe. Then there is G*d, Jen, Cath, Dan, T, and a few others who don’t need silly names if they don’t have them already. Like Rosie, Will, and Rob (although they could be called The Toes, Vilhelm, and Redenife) It will get there.