I thought that I would post briefly about why I have to title to my blog the way I do. Honestly, I am not suicidal, but it relates back to a Bruce Cockburn song called Tried and Tested where the tagline in the middle of the song is “I’m still here…I’m still here,” and I often thought it would be a great motto for my house if I was a part of The Game of Thrones world. I would have a picture of a tree barely grasping onto the side of the cliff, and the motto “I’m Still Here” to refer to my tenaciousness in not letting things get me down. That and I was dealing with divorce and crap at the time, and it seemed like it made sense. Go figure.

So the blog is dealing with the people and animals in my life that allow me to hold on so tenaciously. You’ll be introduced to more of them soon. Like Beschen. And the Highlander. Really. These are people in my life. Beyond myself and the immediate family, I may have some pseudonyms for other people. It will be fun!