The blood splatters on the wall were alarming when I walked into the house yesterday, and I looked down at the floor fully expecting to see a dead mouse or squirrel. The reality was slightly better, but no less gory.

My female greyhound has happy tail, a condition where a dog can’t help but to wag her tail as hard as she can whenever she is happy about anything. Unfortunately, greyhounds have very little padding on their tails, and she has several times painted the walls of the hallway in her exuberance, all the while whining about the pain she was in.

Like yesterday.

But yesterday was much worse than usual. She had left little pools of blood on the floor, and huge swashes of it on the walls, the tv, and the bedding that they sleep on.
I called Rob.

“Hey”, I said. “Can you help me clean up the guts of blood? An elephant got killed in here today.”

“Nausicaa’s tail bleeding again?”

I love how he doesn’t miss a beat.

“Yes,” I replied. “The walls are bleeding.”

“I’m almost home,” he replied and I wondered why he didn’t try some quip about Cats and Dogs living together and mass hysteria, but then I remembered that he was born in the 80’s and our taste in films didn’t always fit together.

I took Naus outside, yelling at her when she wagged her tail and bled even further on the old wallpaper. It can’t take the abuse, sadly, and we are going to have to repaint once her tail is finally docked. But not before. And the fact that I had to yell at my dog not to wag her tail was not lost on me.

Once back inside and properly bandaged, I turned to deal with the carnage. It was worse than I remembered and the more I looked, the more I saw, kind of like one of those pictures with hidden images. Rob came in, pronounced it to me less of an elephant bleed-out and more of a small squirrel level crisis, looked to make sure that Naus had not fainted from the blood loss, and set to work.

An hour later, and several changes of bloody water, we were as done as we were going to get. He huffed in disgust, and went to get a drink of something not red. I was totally in his camp on that one.

So Friday, Naus has a date with the vet, and we will get her tail docked in September. Hopefully, that will be the end of it and three to four inches of tail will take care of the problem. She is such a cute girl that her pain is not something I want to prolong. And I am tired of blotting the old wallpaper and thinking about Stephen King’s book “IT”. You know, the chapter where Bev has to clean off the blood that only she can see from the old wallpaper that is barely holding it together? Yeah, like that. My mind simply does not need those images in it on a regular basis.