It seems like I need to try to get my brain in order for other things, other than my writing life or my love of mythology. Possibly, that is what this will be for. I am not sure yet. I do know that I need a place to dump what is in my brain now and again, and discuss things that catch my attention, so I won’t lose the stories that are important to me. And quite possibly, I need a place to discuss things such as children, teaching, politics, literature, and whatever else strikes my fancy without making everyone around me crazy. I could just say – read my blog! Then they would know where to go. And if they didn’t care, they could just ignore me. See? Totally a great idea!

So this is my place to discuss whatever, and a place to get to know myself a bit better too. I am going to ignore the cherished rules of grammar and all of the things that I have to teach in order to get young minds wrapped around the ideas that they have to use to be successful in college, and just try to get something written down that might make a difference, at least for me. It isn’t a diary, it is just an attempt to get things out of my head and see them for what they really are. Honestly.