Going to Denny’s in Salem is a regular past time with our group. Where else can you get cheap food and awesome service at any hour of the day or night? Seriously, though, you have to be careful all the time there. You never know what might happen with our group, and the waitresses think of us as regulars.

But my daughter and my husband don’t always see eye to eye, and today was no exception. Rose and Rob argued over the merits of sour cream, and Rob stated how gross it actually is. Rose waved a spoonful at him mockingly, and that was when a huge glop of it spilled on his fries. Not to be outdone, Rob threw the heaviest laden fry back at Rose and splattered it all over her shirt.

“Why did you do that?” Rose exclaimed

“It is repulsive!” said Rob as Rose mopped herself off.

“You’re repulsive,” replied Rose, “But you don’t see me throwing you all over you!”

This exchange did not even cause any of the waitresses to bat an eye, but I think this is why they usually stick us in the corner. It is safer that way. Less debris to hit the passing tourists.